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Not Just A Bond, A Bond With Israel

Kent M.Swig with Finance Minister of Israel and Joshua Matza, president and CEO of Israel Bonds

Finance Minister of Israel, Joshua Matza, president and CEO of Israel Bonds and Kent M.Swig

Over the past many years, I have had the opportunity to be involved with many charities and organizations with whom I have made a difference in both my local community and abroad.  One organization that I have worked with over the past 20 years and which is very dear to my heart, is Israel Bonds.

As Israel Bonds celebrates its 60th anniversary, it provides a moment to reflect about the organization and all that it has accomplished. A vital source of funding for economic projects in the State of Israel, Israel Bonds was first conceived in the days of Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. Over the years, revenue from the sale of bonds has helped finance The National Water Carrier, the Dead Sea Works, port construction, and the development of alternative energy resources throughout Israel, among many other wonderful and important projects.‬

To commemorate the 60th anniversary, a book was recently published called Not Just A Bond, A Bond With Israel which reviews the history of the organization. The authors, Deborah Hart Stroler and Gerald S. Stroler, stress the unique value of Israel Bonds, and their Impact on both the Isreali economy and state of the Jewish people. The book mentions my family’s legacy involvement with Israel Bonds, which began with my grandfather Benjamin, and was continued through my father Melvin. I am very excited about this new book, and encourage everyone to take a look.

Kent M Swig with Henry Winkler at the National Board of Directors meeting of Israel Bonds

Kent M Swig with Henry Winkler at the National Board of Directors meeting of Israel Bonds

I was so honored in 2003 when I was awarded the Israel Peace Medal by the State of Israel Bonds’ Real Estate and Construction Division, and the event alone helped raise more than $78.5 million in bond sales, making it among the most profitable single-honoree events in the organization’s history.‬

And, this past January 31st, I was thrilled to attend the national board of directors meeting of Israel Bonds where I had the privilege to meet with H.E. Yuval Steinitz, the Finance Minister of Israel, as well as the Deputy Finance Minister and also the Accountant General Shouky Oren.  And, later that evening, at the International Gala of the Prime Minister’s Club Dinner, where Henry Winkler served as the Master of Ceremonies, over $140 million was raised!

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