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9-11 A Uniform Response Exhibit at The Police Museum

Kent Swig at the NYC POLICE MUSEUMThe New York City Police Museum (on which I serve on the Board of Directors)  hosted a special opening on Thursday, September 8th of Associated Press photographs entitled “9-11 A Uniform Response”.

The exhibit documents the events from the picture-perfect Tuesday morning on September 11, 2001 which  was instantly shattered with echoes reverberating far beyond the canyons of Lower Manhattan. Amidst the first responders – firefighters, police officers, medical personnel, and good Samaritans – a small, determined corps of Associated Press photographers moved through stunned crowds and debris, capturing visceral images that made an unfathomable moment bracingly real for the entire world.

This exhibition of photographs from the AP’s archives spans a wide range of events and emotions over the past decade. The pictures take us from the initial moments of shock and terror, to subsequent weeks of unbearable pain, courageous sacrifice, and the compassionate unity that contagiously gripped New Yorkers. The exhibit ends with the solemn recent memorials and inspiring rise of the new building at One World Trade Center, above the original World Trade Center site.

On an average day, more than half the world’s population views news from AP in thousand’s of newspapers, magazines and multimedia outlets. A number of images selected for this exhibition have had even greater reach, being reproduced in books, winning prizes or otherwise gaining iconic status in our collective visual narrative of September 11th.

Although I knew the contents of the exhibit, I was caught off guard by the photographs which are arresting and evoked such deep sadness in me.  Indeed, the exhibit is a very moving documentation of the tragic events of 911.

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September 19, 2011 at 8:46 am

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911 Tribute in Lights

911 Tribute of LightAs a member of the Board of Directors of the Municipal Art Society (MAS), I had the true honor and privilege to participate on September 8th, in reviewing the testing of the lights that comprise the Tribute in Lights to the victims of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Tribute in Light, presented annually by the Municipal Art Society and co-founded with Creative Time in 2002, shined from dusk on 9/11 to dawn on 9/12.   It was seen by millions of people in the New York area, as well as hundreds of millions more across the globe through the media.

Tribute in Light has become the most recognizable symbol of the extraordinary losses we suffered ten years ago, as well as the resilience of our great city.

As part of the 10th anniversary commemoration of  these tragic attacks, MAS once again sponsored the Tribute in Lights which was set up on top of a parking garage just a few blocks south of the World Trade Center.

Kent at 911 Tribute of LightThese pictures show the testing of the two light groups, each comprising 44 lights (88 in total) with each light emitting more than 7,500 amps and projecting over 3 miles high!

Beyond the sheer beauty of the lights, one is filled with the raw emotion of the tragedy of 911, and to stand next to this tribute is overwhelming. Clearly, we shall never forget what happened on 911.

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September 13, 2011 at 11:13 am

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