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Jewish National Fund (JNF) check presentation to Israel Bond

Jewish National Fund (JNF) check presentation to Israel Bonds

rom left to right: Stanley M. Chesley, President, Jewish National Fund (JNF); Kent M. Swig, Board of Directors of Israel Bonds; Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi, President, Israel Bonds; James Emden, Greater NY Chair of the Real Estate Division of Israel Bonds; Jeffrey E. Levine, President-Elect, JNF; Russell F. Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, JNF

This past March 12th, I had the privilege and honor to attend a check presentation from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to Israel Bonds in an amount of $1 million towards the purchase of a wonderful investment in Israel Bonds. The presentation took place at the JNF New York City offices located at 42 East 69th Street.

While an investment in Israel Bonds has proven to be an excellent investment, it is equally important for organizations like the JNF, and other Jewish organizations, to show their direct support for Israel through Israel Bond purchases. Indeed, many people throughout the world, including our elected officials in the United States, as well as those regimes and governments in the Middle East (who consider themselves still at odds with Israel by supporting the boycotting of Israel’s goods and services), watch and measure the support that Israel receives through its sales of Israel Bonds. And, these purchases show strength for Israel at a critical time in world events as well as provide a much needed flow of capital to Israel to continue its leadership in building infrastructure and high-tech work.

The investment that the JNF has made in Israel Bonds is so important and I am hopeful that many other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations will follow in the footsteps of the JNF!


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