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Gala Dinner benefiting the Museum of American Finance

Kent Swig and John C. Whitehead

Kent Swig and John C. Whitehead at the Gala dinner benefiting the Museum of American Finance

On January 8th, I had the pleasure of attending the Gala Dinner benefiting the Museum of American Finance located at 48 Wall Street that honored William Harrison, former Chairman and CEO of JP Morgan Chase.  Presenting the John C. Whitehead award for Distinguished Public Service and Financial Leadership  to William Harrison was Erskine Bowles, co-author of the Simpson-Bowles Plan, who spoke so warmly of his 50 year friendship with Bill Harrison and how the two of them have worked together, both directly and indirectly, to help America become a stronger and better country.
This was the 5th year of the gala and it is always a wonderful and interesting evening and I am always so honored to be included as part of the gala.

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January 22, 2013 at 5:14 pm

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Himan Brown Charitable Trust Lecture

Former Prime Minister Tony blair in conversation with Rabbi Peter J.Rubinstein This past December 4, 2012, I had the true privilege to listen to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair speak at Central Synagogue as part of the second Himan Brown Charitable Trust Lecture.   Tony Blair was interviewed in a wonderful format structured as a “chat” with Rabbi Peter Rubenstein and was introduced by James Tisch.

The conversation with Tony Blair was truly fascinating and Rabbi Rubenstein brought out conversations and stories form Tony Blair that were so personal and introspective that at one point, Tony Blair stopped himself from speaking and commented to the Rabbi, “boy, are you good”, indicating that he had never spoken of such personal matters in public before. At which point, Rabbi Rubenstein replied, “just think of me as Peter and not as ‘Rabbi Rubenstein’”, to which the former Prime Minister answered, “ok…’Rabbi’ Peter”.  And so the conversation went on.

In his comments, Tony Blair spoke of many things including the following points:

*Gaza, he said, was among the biggest lost opportunities by the world by not making Gaza a true prototype of success for the entire Middle East.

*Where there is no revolution in the Middle East, one needs to actively promote evolution towards democracy and a free society.

*Israel should be a model for other countries in the Middle East when it comes to the rule of law and an open society.

*Interfaith tolerance is critical to the success, prosperity, and peace in the Middle East as one religion cannot be the only way to achieve salvation, i.e….with 7.2 billion people populating the earth, there is more than just one way to salvation.

Tony Blair is truly an extraordinary person and one of the great world leaders of our time.

Himan Brown A Legacy of Leadership

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