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Lunch with a former Australian Rugby Union Footballer, Nick Farr Jones

I recently was invited to attend and speak at a conference sponsored by Private Wealth Network (PWN) in Australia. Upon landing in Sydney I had the privilege of having lunch with a true Australian hero and, as a rugby player, a hero of mine as well: Nick Farr Jones. Nick is a former Australian rugby union footballer, who is probably best remembered for winning the 1991 Rugby World Cup with his team against England. He now works at Taurus Funds Management and appears as a TV rugby commentator on UK Sky Sports.
We spent a wonderful lunch together at a restaurant in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens speaking about rugby, Australia, raising children and business opportunities. What a trill and honor to be with Nick!
From left to right: Kent Swig and Nick Farr Jones

From left to right: Kent Swig and Nick Farr Jones


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April 3, 2014 at 8:18 am

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