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St. Patricks Day Tradition

Swig Equities' St. Patricks Day Celebration

Swig Equities' St. Patricks Day Celebration

Each year, I have been privileged to host an annual St. Patrick’s Day lunch as Jim Brady’s restaurant located in FiDi (Financial District) with all of the chief engineers who work in the various Swig Equities commercial office properties.

The purpose of the lunch is to thank our talented and dedicated engineers for all of their hard work and efforts.   It has been a pleasure to host this lunch over the many years that I have been associated with our engineers, and I am so pleased that the tradition continued this year.

In a world where business has become so complex and at times so lacking in humanism, I look forward to spending time with our engineers (at this and many other events and celebrations throughout the year) and to personally thank them  for all that they do.

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March 22, 2011 at 1:43 pm

The Museum of American Finance Annual Gala

Bryce MacDonald, Kent Swig, KirkMacDonald - Museum of American Finance Gala 2011

Bryce MacDonald, Kent Swig, KirkMacDonald

This past month, I had the honor and delight of attending the Museum of American Finance Annual Gala honoring Peter G. Peterson, the chairman emeritus of Blackstone Group and the award was presented by John C. Whitehead.

Mr. Peterson was presented with the 2011 John C. Whitehead Award for Distinguished Public Service and Financial Leadership. The Museum of American Finance, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute, annually presents the John C. Whitehead award to a person who has demonstrated a high order of achievement and leadership in the field of finance, and also served with notable distinction in the public sector. The museum, which is a landmark building that is owned by Swig Equities, in association with MacDonald & Cie, is the nation’s only public museum dedicated to finance, entrepreneurship and the open market system. The museum regularly hosts seminars and educational programming, to teach others of the importance of finance in history and in the future. Partaking in this event was an honor to all for us at Swig Equities.

Written by swigeq

March 1, 2011 at 12:18 pm